Emergency Dog Health Care: How to Tell if Your Dog Is Sick

How to Tell if Your Dog Is Sick

A dog is a highly loveable pet that everyone loves to have at home.

But it is essential to take good care of these animals, as they are as likely to fall ill as the humans.

Moreover, a dog cannot express their illness like a man or woman, for which their masters need to be extra careful in understanding their problems and should take necessary actions at the earliest.

However, many dog owners have no idea of how to tell if your dog is sick and may fail in taking their pets to the veterinarian at the right time.


sick dog symptoms

Common dog illness symptoms that should be known

Certain changes in normal behavior – The owner gets accustomed to the usual behavior of the pet dog.

But if the dog starts showing any sort of abnormality in behavior, it is better to take the animal for a checkup to the vet.

The pet dog may not want to eat or drink sufficient amounts of food and water compared to its normal intakes.  

The dog may show sudden aggressiveness in its behavior, which can be a symptom of a sick dog. It may also remain inactive for hours and this unusual lethargy of the otherwise energetic dog should be reported to the vet immediately.


Difficulties in respiration – The dog may be seen to be coughing frequently and could be suffering from a serious cold.  

The owner can, however, wait for a day for a cough to subside automatically, but if the dog continues to cough for more than 24 hours at a stretch, it may have been affected with bronchitis and should be treated immediately by a vet.

In extreme cases, the dog is seen to be breathing with some difficulty and a wheezing sound comes out while it breathes.

The continuous discharge of mucus and even blood from the nose are also counted among serious sick dog symptoms.

dog illness symptoms

Digestive problems spotted – The dog can often vomit due to overeating or from eating any unhealthy thing they may have found.

However, if the dog vomiting continues for more than 24 hours, accompanied by dog diarrhea, these should be taken as signs of dog illnesses and need to seek medical attention immediately.

The dog may also become restless due to abdominal pain and in some cases, the abdomen seems to swell up and appear larger than usual.

The animal also refuses its food in such cases of digestive ailments.



Odd changes seen in excretion habits – The pet dog can be urinating more times than usual and maybe having some sort of problem while excreting out urine or feces, which are signs that a dog is sick and should be treated properly by an experienced vet.

The trained dog may also be seen to pass out urine or feces accidentally anywhere in the house, as dog symptoms of serious illnesses.


Weirdness detected in external features – There are some changes in the appearance of the pet dog and it is easy for the owner to see how to know if the dog is sick.

The animal may become severely thin and also lose fur rapidly. On the contrary, the dog may also become unreasonably fatter and seen to be shaking its head continuously, as symptoms of sick puppies.

Overall, any slight deviation from the normal condition of the dog should be treated as dog illness symptoms and demand an immediate visit to a vet.

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