How to pick a healthy puppy – Tips to choosing a healthy dog

How to pick a healthy puppy

How to pick a healthy puppy?

First of all choosing a puppy is really a big decision when you think about it. furthermore, I  mean you will be hanging out with this pup for many years to come.

You will have to make some really smart decisions if you want a pet that fits both you and your family.

The #1 question I am frequently asked is: What is the most healthy breed of dog?

There is only one answer I can give to that question, It’s not about a breed, it’s about mixed breeds

Mixed breed dogs are on the average healthier

Most noteworthy by statistics, a mixed breed dog of about median size is the healthiest dog.

It seems the more you mix the genetics in the breed of a dog the less chance of the genetic problems that come with some purebreds will raise their heads in mixed breeds themselves.

Consequently, there is no doubt some mixed breed dogs that are not healthy, and there are purebred dogs that are in great shape.

Therefore if it was me, I would go with the mixed breed dog almost all the time!


How to pick a healthy puppy


The #2 question I am frequently asked is: How do I select the best puppy from a litter

Wow…….What an important question!

This is the most important thing you will do after you decide you want a puppy

There is no doubt in my mind that picking a puppy that is healthy and meets your family needs is very important because your dog really needs to fit in

Making well-informed decisions will improve your odds of getting a good healthy pup that will be with you and your family for many years.

You want to focus on finding healthy litters of puppies. Finding healthy litters is important.

You do this by finding dog breeders that have a proven track record and a solid reputation for having healthy puppies.

Be sure to think about what your expectations are for your dog, what are the traits you are looking for, what will my dog’s main function be, what are the breeds you are interested in.

After you have decided the traits you are looking for and the breed of dog you want it is now time to contact a breeder who produces puppies with the traits you have chosen.

Always get your puppy from a breeder. I know how tempting it might be seeing that cute little puppy in the pet store window and snatching it up.

Due to buying a puppy at a pet store you are taking some risks.


How to pick a healthy puppy – Tips to choosing a healthy dog video

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